Our Vision

While setting up the Kılıçkaya Forex platform, we focused on one goal; To share our knowledge in the field of Forex, which we have been developing ourselves for many years, with our passion for this subject, who cares about research, are open to development, and who are on the same path with us, in a transparent and honest way.

From our data, while beginners will experience, they will also witness how positive results our multi-faceted thinking and analysis ability has led to. Also experienced ones, while gaining new perspectives, will see the mathematical foundations of our success with the technical analysis that they could will apply to our graphics, and contribute to our mutual development with the comments they will make on the way we set out.

We are sure of the way we walk in line with our goal, we hope that our successes that you will see on this platform for many years will also shed light on you.

Kılıçkaya Forex Team