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This is not a game of chance, it requires experience and qualified analysis power. From our data, while beginners will experience, they will also witness how positive results our multi-faceted thinking and analysis ability has led to. Also experienced ones, while gaining new perspectives, will see the mathematical foundations of our success with the technical analysis that they could will apply to our graphics, and contribute to our mutual development with the comments they will make on the way we set out.

What is Forex?

Forex, which is the abbreviation of the word foreign exchange, refers to all of the international markets where foreign exchange is traded by making use of the exchange rates between the currencies of the two countries. Expressing the transformation of the currencies of the two countries, forex, as one of the largest markets in the world, offers its investors the opportunity to leverage transactions. In forex, which means foreign currency exchange, transactions are made with many precious metals such as oil, silver and gold as well as currencies. The biggest difference of Forex from other markets is that it can be traded bilaterally, you can make both buy and sell transactions with your deposit.

How is the procedure done?

An investor who wants to trade in the Forex markets must open an account from a legal and licensed brokerage house. The investor can trade 24 hours a day, within 5 trading days of the week. There is no need to visit intermediary institutions for transactions; All transactions can be done through computer or smart devices (tablet, mobile phone) online platforms. Intermediary institutions can set daily transaction limits according to their customers.

Investor Psychology

As you know, forex markets are a large market with a daily trading volume of $ 5 to $ 7 trillion.

Both the people who have been interested for a long time and those who are new to forex are most curious about it, is it possible to make money from this sector?

Risks in Forex

The Forex market is the largest and fastest growing financial market in the world. Forex trading is a “zero sum” game (Sendur, 2017).

For example, there is another player who volunteers to sell in exchange for buying a transaction. This means that; every winner has the same proportion of losers.

The Possibility of Defrauding in Forex

It is very common for you to come across “fraud” in forex. Unauthorized brokerage firms, which we can call companies under the stairs, often appear in internet and social media advertisements. Unfortunately, many people who have just started with articles such as “deposit $ 100, get $ 250 bonus”, “get rich in 1 night”, “guaranteed money making system” etc. have experienced losing material and moral losses to these systems.