Our Long-Terms Positions

Our Long-Terms Positions

Here, you can our long-term positions based on our new strategy. You may make a comment what is your foreseen about these parities.

TimePositionVolume(Lot)ParityBeginning PriceS/LT/PClosing PriceProfit

Daily Analysis

Daily Analysis

Below, you can find the analysis of the positions we take daily. You can find the data tables of the analyzes at here.

15 April 2020

Like yesterday, the daily pricing of oil has  remained trending and continued its sales, today. As a result of the analysis made by our team, they realized gradual buying positions from 19.400 level, which were determined as technical support, and closed at 20.800 level. Briefly ,Kılıçkaya Forex team took place in 2 positions during the day and managed to close in 2 of them. For Usd/Try parity, the team has traded in 2 positions, but the transactions have not been closed yet. According to these results, the Daily success has been determined as 100% and its financial profit as 4.525,22 TL.

14 April 2020

The daily pricing of oil has  remained trending and continued its sales, today. As a result of our team’s analysis, they took gradual sell positions from 22.275 and closed at 21.980. Kılıçkaya Forex team has taken place in a total of 9 positions during the day and succeed to close 9 of them in plus. According to these results; our daily success percentage was 100% and  profit was 8,377.00 TL.

13 April 2020

Daily pricing of oil remained calm, today. In the narrow band movements, 10 of the positions we have taken were successful and 2 were unsuccessful. As for the positions we have taken in Euro / dollar parity, we have foreseen that the parity will not be able to maintain its strength over 1.09500, and as a result of our foreseen, we have closed our 2 positions in plus. Kılıçkaya Forex team generally took place in a total of 14 positions during the day and managed to close 12 of them in plus. According to these results; the intraday success was 86%, and its material profit was  6.292 TL.

9 April 2020

Oil price has started to the day with high volumes and made weighted buy-oriented pricing. Undoubtedly, OPEC member countries’ negotiation about possible oil production restriction was effective in these pricing and caused high volatility in pricing. Kılıçkaya Forex team has taken this special situation into consideration and opened the stop-loss and take-profit  scissors in its analysis. However, in some positions, stop-losses occurred as a result of exceeding technical levels due to excessive volatility. In terms of other positions, our team also succeed to make a profit by taking the correct position from the sell pricing that took place twice the day. At the end of the day, our team successfully closed 22 of 35 positions in total, achieved a 63% succeed percentage and earned an additional profit of 8.761.00 Turkish Liras. Based on  these results, our team has increased the last 30-day profit rate from 94% to 102%.

8 April 2020

The oil price broke the Fibonacci Expansion 100 correction point of 24.880 on April 7 and continued its sells to the level of 161.8 which was the level of 23.450, and the reaction-buying from this level continued until the level of 25.250. Our Kılıçkaya Forex team has taken their buying-oriented positions due to the breaking of 23.450 resistance, but ended their positions by predicting that oil cannot maintain its strength. Our team has achieved 4 successful positions in total, and has achieved a profit of 6,334.00 TL. In this way, our team completing the day with 100% success; has moved its last 30-day profit rate from 87% to 94%.

7 April 2020

While the price of oil continues to be priced in a tight band between 27,200 and 26,700 levels during the day, 26,450 fibonacci 61.8 retraction point, which works as a support with the downward breach of the bollinger band (within 30 minutes) due to the lack of any basic data to find support. dropped below the level and dropped to the level of 6.030.Our team analyzed the downward break at the right time and signed 11 successful positions with gradual sells starting from 27.195. Our team made 2 position evaluations in Euro / dollar parity and became S / L as a result of volatility originating from European stock exchanges. Our team made 11 successful positions at 13 positions at the end of the day, earning TL 10.104.00 with a success rate of 84.6%.